Day 2 – Removing the Unnecessary

Enlisting the help of another student in their program, John Molyneaux, and Ian’s dad Jim Hillier, we have begun the actual conversion process.

Removing the engine was the first step. John had a lot of auto experience both from school and his own personal project – a home-made kit car, a roadster – using the components of a 5L v8 mustang, and a custom built frame made himself, this guy knows his stuff.

Under his guidance we began removing things under the hood. We also got under the car, scrapped the exhaust, and removed the gas tank – got 12L of gas out of it too! The engine and transmission got stuck, but after about half an hour of fiddling we all got it out.

Below are some pictures of the process:

Ian H, Jamie H, John H.

Left to right: Ian H, Jamie H, John H.

Engine finally out

Engine finally out

A engine compartment that's going to need a lot of loving.

A engine compartment that needs a lot of loving

Standing by their hard work

Standing by their hard work. Left to right: Ian H, John M, Jamie H

The next step? Removing the engine from the transmission, and putting the transmission back in the car. Then we just need a motor. If anyone has a 100+ lb forklift motor rated anywhere from 10-30HP please contact us!


~ by James on November 2, 2008.

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