Day 17 – Disassembling the monster motor

Ian’s uncle came over on Saturday to help get the massive drive motor apart. Turns out, it was just a bearing that was seized that prevented it from working. His uncle took the part and the ID tag to a motor rewinding shop nearby, he’s going to see how much it’ll cost to get it replaced for us.
Taking the casing off...

Taking the casing off...

Casing off...

Casing off...

In pieces...

In pieces...

Seized bearing in the lower right picture needs to be replaced

Seized bearing in the lower right picture needs to be replaced

We also managed to sell some of the Del Sol’s older gasoline parts – probably got ripped off, but made a bit of money. Got $60 for the radiator, alternator, gas tank, and a few other random components from the pile of crap we had. Oh well! Better then nothing. Waiting for scrap metal to go back up to sell the engine, and the catalytic converter. If we’re lucky maybe we can make back half the cost of the car by selling the old parts from it!

Oh yeah – also heard back from Advantage Forklift! We’re going back this Wednesday to salvage some more parts from another forklift! Once this car is done several more electric vehicles will be on their way!!! We’re thinking a nice truck or SUV for the huge motor, maybe another smaller car using two drive motors (direct drive) and of course, an electric motorcycle!


~ by James on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “Day 17 – Disassembling the monster motor”

  1. Really interesting blog, great photos.
    Clark makes skidders as well, a great big bush vehicle that is used to haul trees out of the woods. Tough stuff and heavy.
    We used one of the motors in a truck electric conversion.

    All the best,
    Les and Jane

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