Day 41 – Twiddle dee dum

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates… once again. We’ve been really busy.
BUT! The end is in sight. We’ve buckled down and decided to spend the $1500 odd on a battery pack, so once we have batteries it’ll all come together!

Today we made the cars very own heavy duty extension cable (thanks to alot of scrap wire donated to us) and we have begun to mount our battery chargers, AC breakers, and main power bar in the trunk of the car. Also found an old dial voltage indicator perfect for the trunk next to the battery pack. It’s starting to look a bit more professional!
More updates soon, I promise!


~ by James on January 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Day 41 – Twiddle dee dum”

  1. Hey! Update this!

  2. what is the news on this project? Is it dead?

  3. Had the car running at about 80km/h on used batteries before we got distracted by other projects. Due to lack of funding we never managed to afford new batteries for the car, other then that, it was pretty much ready to go. It’s sitting under a tarp in one of our backyards.

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